Fall Update: Empire and Revolution

Simple Photoshop drawing can automatically produce a map to test on. I haven’t yet decided if it’s worth for hills to still have the current contour shading or to smooth it more so that it looks like more a smooth hill. The dark contours do more accurately represent the grid heights and also do a nice job of actually quickly distinguishing the ground heights. This will be important to the player for artillery sighting and line of sight prediction.

Unit behaviors

A company of 4 infantry units (120) can shift from 3-rank deep to 4-rank deep. By doing so the company will occupy 3 grids instead of 4 grids. Deeper ranks can allow for greater concentration of strength and stronger morale, especially at regimental strength
One of the earliest fire drills. After firing the musketeer will move to the back of the formation while everyone else will move forward. Attributed to spanish arquebusier and musketeer tercio formations.
Fire By Rank: An evolution of Fire By File, can be attributed to Dutch musketeers. The front row will fire and then move back together at a platoon level
Volley Fire: All 2–3 rows of infantry will fire at once. Can be attributed to Swedish mass volley fire.
Infantry Fire At Will: As company organization falls apart or after volley fire, infantry units can fire at will.
An advantage with volley fire is that after firing, a unit is able to immediately follow-up with melee charge instead of reloading. Units that are idle will automatically attempt to reload to be ready for the next volley.
Engineer units will be able to construct pontoon bridges that will cross otherwise impassable rivers.
Howitzers will have higher arc and limited range but higher explosive damage. Solid shots on the other hand will have high range and will eventually have possibility for bouncing allowing for multiple enemy hits if the enemy is in deep column formations
You can kinda see the grapeshot with low gif resolution.
I also plan on adding in spherical case shot, which will involve the shell exploding in mid-air spraying fragmentation against the infantry below. This will be a late tech introduced by the British.



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